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KSM Ladies Netball Club

KSM Netball Club logo
"Fun and Friendly Fitness"


(Established May 2008)

Please click here to view the netball rules.


In May 2008, KSM Netball Club was established by a group of mums keen to start playing recreational netball on a regular basis. 

KSM Netball Club’s motto is fun and friendly fitness…!  

We are an inclusive, enthusiastic and friendly club, all keen to improve our netball skills whilst enjoying the games that we play.

The Club includes members of all age and ability – ladies who have never played before, those returning to netball after many years and some more experienced players.


NEW MEMBERS from our community in Kington St Michael are welcome to join us in the coming Summer Season.  For more information about KSM Netball Club please contact:

Sarah Harriman

KSM Netball Club now has it's very own Facebook page.  Players, friends and fans can "like us at

Training Sessions 

Each session consists of warm-up exercises and skills training, followed by match play. 



March: The team still trains on a Tuesday night 7-8pm at Chippenham College in the winter and outside at Sheldon School in summer.  In addition

 to the social netball, there is a team in Division 1 of the Moonraker league in Devizes which is currently mid-table with rouf games still to

New players are welcome whether it be just for social (non-league) or more competitive play. Please contact Sue Wilkinson on (01249) 750758
or email if you are interested.


July ~ The netball league summer season is now over and KSM Netball Club would like to thank Helen and Simon Curtis at the Jolly Huntsman Inn for all their support again this year as the Club’s official sponsor. Club members enjoyed an end of season dinner at the pub on Thursday the 4th of July. Thanks to everyone at the Jolly for the delicious food and the pink bubbly!
Training continues as usual over the summer, dependent on numbers attending, then back to Chippenham College for the winter season.
For more information about KSM Netball Club, please contact Sue on (01249) 750758 or email Find the Netball Club on Facebook at

KSM Netball has received continued backing of its official sponsor, The Jolly Huntsman Inn, with funding for this season contributing towards coaching development for players at the Club.

Aiming High, specialists in netball coaching, have recently been running sessions for KSM Netball and the sponsorship will allow the Club to further utilise the expertise of a qualified netball coach, developing players netball skills and improving game play and ultimately enjoyment of the game, which has always been KSM Netball’s top priority.

The thriving Club was founded in May 2008 by a group of ladies in Kington St Michael who were keen to get back to netball and start playing on a regular basis. Now in its fifth year, the Club has registered members of all age and ability from within the local community and proudly maintains its ethos of fun and friendly fitness!

Two teams currently play in the Moonraker League; KSM Blue in Division 1 and KSM White in Division 2.

The Jolly Huntsman has been the official sponsor of KSM Netball Club since 2011.

KSM Netball, March 2013


 Charlotte Sealy, nominated Clubman of the Year 2011-2012 - KSM White Team Yvonne Rees, Clubman of the Year 2011-2012 - KSM Blue Team
Charlotte and Yvonne receive their Clubman of the Year trophies
(photos courtesy of Sarah Harriman)

Many thanks to our official sponsor, The Jolly Huntsman, for hosting KSM Netball Club's annual end of season dinner on Friday 13th July 2012 and for providing us with the lovely pink bubbly to help celebrate!

Awards were presented to Charlotte Sealy, nominated Clubman of the Year 2011-2012 - KSM White Team and to Yvonne Rees for Clubman of the Year 2011-2012 - KSM Blue Team.

Yvonne Rees, our Club founder, was given an emotional send-off as she prepares to leave KSM for pastures new and will be sorely missed by us all. Yvonne has however been appointed President of KSM Netball Club and so we have no doubt that she will continue to be involved in the future development of the Club. We would like to thank Yvonne for her dedication, passion and commitment to making KSM Netball the wonderful fun and friendly Club that it is today.

(Please click here to see photos of the end of season dinner).


The netball season is now over and KSM Netball Club has delivered fantastic results from both teams playing in the 2011/2012 Moonraker Netball League.

KSM Blue finished TOP of the Second Division, which means a promotion to the First Division next year (2012/2013) - an outstanding performance given it is the first year in this division following the success of clinching the Division Three title last year.

Meantime KSM White team had an excellent first year in the Third Division, finishing SECOND after a 29-12 victory in their final game meaning a promotion into Division Two next year.

KSM Netball Club is also working to support the younger people in our community too. Two club members are now coaching netball weekly to children at KSM School and the Club is considering whether it could develop a youth team in the future.

For more information about KSM Netball Club, please contact:


December ~ Moonraker League End of Year Update for KSM Netball Club as at 9th December;

· KSM Blue is in 3rd position in Division 2 with 15 points (but 1 match behind following match cancellation due to bad weather). An excellent result for KSM Blue’s first Season in Division 2 after last year’s success which resulted promotion to this Division:

Blue Team, December 2011

· KSM White leads at the top of Division 3 with 23 points! A fantastic start to KSM White Team’s first League season:

White Team, December 2011

An excellent way to end 2011 for KSM Netball Club – well done ladies and roll on 2012….!

November: ~ Men V Women Match!  For the third year running, KSM Netball Club organised a fun and friendly match against husbands and partners which took place on Saturday 19th November 2011 at Sheldon School.  After a fast and impressive start by the men, the ladies worked hard to take the lead in the third quarter, with some excellent play and team-work, finishing with a close but final 13-12 win!!! Well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to the ladies for their first win against the men!!!  After the match, players enjoyed a buffet lunch at the Jolly Huntsman.

The winning ladies team, 19th November 2011 The men's team, 19th November 2011
The teams for the 2011 Men v Ladies match.

October: ~ Netball Club got a mention in the 20th October's edition of the Gazette:

Cutting from the Gazette 20th October 2011

~ KSM Netball Club members helped raise £118.70 for KSM Diamond Jubilee on Sunday 16th October with a Sunday morning car-wash, and customers could enjoy refreshments whilst they waited! 

Diamond Jubilee car wash, 16th October '11 Refreshments at the Diamond Jubilee car wash, 16th October '11
Diamond Jubilee car wash and refreshements, 16th October '11
(photos by Sarah Harriman)

~ 13th October: KSM Whites had a great win last night in their second match with a 23-6 victory against Rode Rockets. KSM Blues had a great first match in Division 2 against Wessex Blades B on 11th October with a 20-20 draw.

Netball club's White team, October '11
White team, October '11

~ Well done to KSM White team who had their first League match on 6th October against Pewsey - final score was 10-14, with KSM gaining 1 point for being within 4 goals of the opposition.

 KSM white team, October '11
KSM White team

KSM netball Club kicks off training for the new winter season with new hoodies following sponsorship from The Jolly Huntsman!
The netball teambehind The Jolly Huntsman's bar with Helen Curtis and their new hoodies
KSM netball team with their new hoodies, sponsored by The Jolly Huntsman.

September: ~ Jolly Sponsor for KSM Netball Club!  KSM Netball prepares to start the 2011 season wearing new sweatshirts following generous sponsorship provided by The Jolly Huntsman Inn (  

Pub landlady, Helen Curtis, said, “We are really proud to support our local village netball club as their official sponsor.  KSM performed exceptionally well last season, coming top of Division Three in the Moonraker League and we look forward to supporting them through 2011 and 2012!”

Yvonne Rees, founder of KSM Netball Club, said, “It is great to have this support from within our small but thriving community and to be linked to a well-established business that is a central part of our village life.  We are also very pleased to kick off the season in our new sweatshirts! ”  

The season commences with two teams entering the 2011/2012 Moonraker League; KSM Blue (Division 2) and KSM White (Division 3).  

August: ~ KSM Netball would like to thank Kington St Michael Village Shop Ltd for the generous donation of £100 towards our Club's activities in 2011/2012.  The award is very much appreciated - our sincere thanks to the Shop Committee for this support.

June: ~ KSM Netball Club would like to thank The Book & DVD Recycling Scheme  for the very kind donation of £50 which was received this month and will be used towards the purchase of new equipment.

A trophy for clinching the 3rd Division League title was presented to KSM Netball at the Moonraker AGM held in Devizes on 21st June. The team will now be promoted to Division 2.

Moonraker Netball League Division 3 winners' trophy   Netball club members receive their awards at the Moonraker AGM, 21st June 2011

Following this success the Club is also planning to enter a second KSM team for the coming season in the 3rd Division and is seeking an additional GK/GD player to complete the line-up. If you are interested, please email 

KSM Netball Club Celebrates Moonraker League Success!

KSM betball team - league winners 2011

KSM Netball Club finished top of the Third Division in the Winter 2010/2011 Moonraker League, after participating for only the second year running. 

The final match, against Devizes E, took place on Thursday 5th May 2011 at Devizes Leisure Centre with KSM winning 46-9, securing the top spot.  The victory represents a great success story for KSM Netball Club, women going back to netball and for other small community clubs.  

Yvonne Rees, founder of KSM Netball Club said, “The whole team is extremely excited about winning the Third Division title and so proud that we have managed to play competitively whilst maintaining our strong ethos of fun and friendly fitness. Those running the Moonraker League have been very helpful and made us feel exceptionally welcome. We hope that this will encourage and inspire other local clubs to participate in the League, particularly those players who have recently gone back to netball.”

Newspaper clipping from the Gazette & Herald 19th May 2011

Newspaper clipping from the Wiltshire Times, 20th May 2011


KSM's penultimate Moonraker League match (Division 3) took place on Tuesdsay 26th April in Devizes, against Wessex Blades C with KSM winning 35 - 13!  KSM's final match of the 2010/2011 season takes place on 5th May.



21st October ~ KSM Netball Team maintain this season’s unbeaten record and retain their position at the top of Div 3 of the Moonraker Netball League.  The last match against newcomers Bradford Juniors was the toughest yet with KSM having to fight hard in the final quarter to hold onto a lead built from the start finally winning 21-19.  Liz Caddell was player of the match.

September ~ Husbands V wives: after our defeat last year, the ladies were hoping to get their own back against the husbands, and were optimistic given a good team performance in the league last year, some tall new players and short skirts.  Unfortunately the husbands were even bigger and we seem to have lost our distracting abilities with them!!  Despite no practice since last year the husbands romped away to a 9-1 head start in the first quarter, thanks to some fast court play and excellent shooting.  The ladies didn’t give up though (but perhaps the men did??) and the final score  was a more respectable 22-12, with the ladies claiming victory for the second half.  We have to give it to them, they are good!!  An excellent run around for the team though, which plays the first of this season's league matches on October 7th against Devizes Jax. 

Afterwards the children played a match back at the school, showing lots of skill and also consideration, given that ages ranged from 3-10 years old. The adults shared a few beers, the ladies a few commiserations and the men tried hard not to gloat!!!  The weather was good to us, lots of sunshine and quite a few laughs too.  Thanks to Simone and Sian for organising it again, Sadie for umpiring and Miss Cornelius for letting us use the school's facilities once again.

The ladies' team 09.10 The husbands' team 09.10
Wives V Husbands

 The game in action 09.10Husbands V Wines - the children, September '10
The game in action.                    The children, back at KSM school.

June ~ KSM Netball Club played a friendly match against Crudwell on Sunday 13th June; Crudwell won 19 - 13.

~ Sadly the Husbands V Wives match has had to be cancelled, due to low numbers.  A hamper will donated to KSM Primary School for the school fete's raffle, in thanks for their support and allowing us access to the premises.  

February ~ KSM netball team played Calne in a friendly on February 9th at Wiltshire College Sports Hall.  KSM won 8-6.


5th November: Wearing our new blue KSM Netball kits, thanks to support from the village book and DVD recycling scheme, the team looked the part for our first match in the 3rd Division of the Moonraker Devizes League. After much nervousness all day, we romped home with a 32-12 win against Devises Jax. An excellent team effort with everyone digging deep, despite wobbly legs, to maintain the lead we built up in the first half. Sian Walton was "man of the match".  The team was: Sue Wilkinson, Liz Caddell, Sian Walton, Debbie Farrell, Alice Rymill, Simone Reynolds, Michele Coleman & Yvonne Rees.

November:  The netball team was very pleased to learn that they are the latest benficiaries of a £50 donation from the Book & DVD Recycling scheme.  The money will go towards new equipment and kit.

October: ~ KSM ladies netball team had their first match together against Calne in a pre-league friendly at the new Dome in Chippenham.  KSM were delighted with their 15-4 victory, especially Calne’s team included three players from their league team (currently top of the third division having scored 100 goals in their first two matches).

~ KSM Netball Club is pleased to announce it is now affiliated to England Netball for the 2009/2010 Season.  Affiliation also means that Club Members are covered by the All England liability and personal accident insurance policy.

12th September: KSM played a friendly match against Calne.  Sadly we lost 21-9 but enjoyed the match and
the weather was beautiful.

Letter of Thanks to KSM Netball Club from Kington St Michael Primary School - click here

KSM Netball Club Hold 1st Year Anniversary Celebration at Kington St Michael Primary School

Men versus ladies netball teams Children's netball teams
The men and ladies teams                                 The children's teams

KSM Netball Club celebrated its first year anniversary on Saturday May 17th 2009, with a friendly netball match held at Kington St Michael Primary School.  The match was held between the ladies of KSM Netball Club versus a male team representing KSM, and was finally won 11-7 by the men after an energetic but fun hour of play!

The match was followed by a rather wet and windy BBQ in the playground, attended by family and friends, including many children who are also pupils at Kington St Michael Primary School.  During the afternoon the children were split into two groups; up to 5 years and over 5s, where they participated in their own netball practice and had great fun enjoying a game.

KSM Netball Club donated £100 to Kington St Michael School as a thank you for supporting them during the past year.  During the summer months KSM Netball Club use the school netball court for training practice thanks to kind permission from Miss Tracy Cornelius, Headteacher at Kington St Michael Primary School. 

Simone Emery and Sian Walton, who both organised the event said “We are delighted that our club was able to hold its anniversary event at Kington St Michael Primary School and are very pleased to have the help from the school to support our community netball activities.”