Chivelstone Parish Council
Working with the Community

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Parish Council

The Chivelstone Parish Council meet in the Chivelstone Parish Community Hall, East Prawle, on the 1st Thursday of each Month at 18:30 Hrs.

Public Participation. Members of the public are invited to ask any questions or make any comments regarding the parish at the proper place during these meetings.

The Parish Council consists of seven Councillors.

Chivelstone Parish Clerk          Mr. Roger Tucker                               
and Responsible Financial       tel:       01548 511 332                        
Officer  (RFO)                            e-mail

Chairman                                 Councillor David Hampden-Smith
                                                  tel:       01548 511 277 

Vice Chairman                         Councillor Warwick Harwood
                                                 tel:        01548 511 235 

                                                Councillor Tim Blyth
                                                 tel:        01548 511 280

                                                Councillor Julian Brazil  (also SHDC & DCC)  
                                                 tel:       01548 511 109

                                                Councillor Stephen Tucker
                                                 tel:       01548 511 531  

                                                Councillor Louise Emberton
                                                 tel:       01548 511 444

                                                 Councillor Dan Bailey

                                                  tel:         01548 511 586